Youth Ministry
Don't youth need a safe, caring place where they can ask questions, share their growing pains, and explore their faith? Our group of youth, 6th grade-12th grade, gathers for fun, progressive Christian fellowship, service, and inspiration regularly.  
We are an LGBTQ safe space. OWL, comprehensive sexuality education opportunities are also offered every year.   

Our group gathers quarterly with Youth Underground, a multi-church progressive Christian youth group. We also encourage our youth to attend the United Church of Christ camps and retreats at Laforet camp in Colorado Springs. Youth can register through the Rocky Mountain United church of Christ website in the camps section.

Our youth are respected and encouraged to participate in the leadership of the congregation through their gifts of music, worship leadership, teaching, and service. 

DIG education hour is offered at 9 a.m.
for youth and youth group normally meets on Sundays following worship.
March Events:


Confirmation is a journey in which children who are welcomed and celebrated in the life of the church – commit to learn and engage their faith in order to become official members of the church with all the responsibilities that membership entails! Confirmation is about learning and asking questions, it is about the past, present and future of the church and of our own faith stories. March 3-5 we will be going on a confirmation journey called tour of life! This will be a weekend confirmation experience as opposed to meeting one hour a week for 12 weeks – we will do the learning in a tour of our city learning all along the way. If you have a child 12 or older who is interested in confirmation or if you are an adult who would like to journey with a young person during this sacred time as a mentor please contact the church office.

LaForet Open House

Saturday, March 18 10-3 p.m. is a FUN open house to introduce you to camp for you or your kids! This is a great way for you to make yourself at home and learn all about the many opportunities at LaForet. to check out all the wonderful programs! You can now register for camp and they are already filling up!