Ritual of Name Change
There are several biblical examples of individuals undergoing name changes in order to live into the fullness of who God created them to be: Abram and Sarai became Abraham and Sarah, Saul became Paul. We understand the power of names and honor the significance of those moments when one must change a name in order to live into a new identity. We at the Kirk believe that this moment should not be taken lightly - it is a time to grieve what was and to celebrate what will be with your community and most importantly with your God.
We, therefore, offer a ritual of name change to mark this significant moment for those changing a name as they transition in gender identification or for those changing name due to a divorce or other reasons pertaining to identity. This is not a legal service and does not offer any guidance in the legal process of name change. This is instead a spiritual service to recognize the presence of God in the transition.  
For more information on Rituals of Name Change contact our pastor, Rev. Selena Wright