Metro Caring

As Jesus reminds us in Matthew 25 when we feed the hungry we are feeding the one we follow. We partner with Metro Caring to address hunger and food insecurity in our community. All are invited to join with us in our efforts as well as to contact these organizations directly to volunteer or contribute. Metro Caring provides nutritious food to hungry families and individuals while promoting health and self-sufficiency.

Each year the Kirk hosts a Rice and Beans Event. In March 2016 we collected rice and beans and together divided them into individual and family size servings to be distributed at Metro Caring. Our total reached over 1000 lbs. We then invited our neighbors to join us in this project and the Cory Merrill Neighborhood donated over 200 lbs that were divided and delivered to Metro Caring in June.

Additionally, each year our Young Adults group hosts a Souper Bowl of Caring Event on Superbowl Sunday. All finds raised are donated to Metro Caring.

Along with our organized events several of our members work a weekly volunteer shift at Metro Caring. For more information contact the Kirk office or go to