Interfaith Youth Camp

July 23-27 we are one of seven communities sponsoring an Interfaith Camp experience for children in grades 6-9. We will gather together middle school students from the Christian, Sikh, Budist, Muslim, and Jewish Communities to learn about and from one another. Each day of the camp will be hosted by a different faith community. The Kirk has the great opportunity to host this camp on Tuesday, July 24, 2018. We will need volunteers to prepare and serve lunch for 35 people (25 jr. high students, and 10 adults). This camp will focus on cultural competency as well as many aspects we learned during Peace Village, such as Media Literacy and Conflict Resolution. This is a special privilege for the Kirk to be a part of such an important and needed experience. Please talk to Selena if you are interested in hosting, if your middle schooler, or a middle schooler you know want to participate or if you are interested in being a counselor throughout the week! So many opportunities to participate and grow!