Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Kirk of Bonnie Brae" mean?

Kirk of Bonnie Brae means "church of the beautiful hill". We were founded as a Congregational Church in the Bonnie Brae neighborhood in 1947. The church is affiliated with the United Church of Christ (UCC), a mainline Protestant denomination.
When and where are Worship Services held?    

We worship at 10 a.m. on Sunday mornings in the Sanctuary.
When you enter the red doors from Steele Street, the sanctuary will be immediately to your right.
From the parking lot entrance on the south side of the building enter through the red door or the green doors and follow the signs.
Our sanctuary is equipped with wireless sound-enhancement system, available upon request.

How long does Church last?

Our worship service usually last about one hour. After the service there is a time for conversation and refreshments in the Welcome Center. The Welcome Center is in the wing that gives access to the building from the parking lot at the south side of the building. We hope you’ll stay to get to know us better and ask questions.

Where do I park?

The church faces Steele Street. The parking lot is on the south side of the building and is accessed from Steele. You can also park along the street on Steele, or Arizona or any other side street in the neighborhood.

Is the church wheelchair accessible?

Yes. The entire church is wheel chair accessible. Immediately in front of the main entrance to the building on Steele Street there are handicapped spaces and a ramp that allows access to the church. Additional spaces are available on the north side of the building on Arizona. Worship Service is on the main level, as is the wheelchair-accessible bathroom. 

What do you do in worship?

We welcome; we sing; we listen to the scripture; to the choir; and a reflection offered by our Pastor; our children engage the scripture on their terms; we share our struggles and joys; we pray (with words, with silence, and sometimes with written engagement) for ourselves, for our communities, for creation, and for the world; we receive offering; and on the first Sunday of the month we gather at the table to share in Communion.

Are children welcome?

Absolutely! Children and young people are welcome in the worship service. During the Children’s Time, Jackie Kendall-Gebel our Minister for Children and Youth spends a few minutes talking to children about the day’s scripture. Afterward, the children and young people are invited to go with our teachers to age appropriate educational programs or they may stay with the folks who brought them. We also have a nursery for those ages 0-3 for the duration of the service, but they too are welcome to join us in worship. The Kirk has a written child protection policy, available for your review.

How will I know where to sit
and what to do in the Worship Service?

As you enter, a greeter will hand you a bulletin which lists the parts of our service. You are welcome to sit anywhere in the Sanctuary. A greeter will gladly help you find a seat if you wish. Songs are projected onto the screen in the front of the worship area or if you like to read music, the numbers are printed in the bulletin and hymnals are available in the seat pocket in front of you. The greeters in the back of the church will be happy to assist you should you have any questions.

What type of music do you have?

Our worship blends many music styles, on a given Sunday you might hear a classical piece written hundreds of years ago, traditional hymns, contemporary worship music and a 70's folk song. Although individuals might connect to one genre more than another, we intentionally make room for others as we celebrate our diversity.

Do I need to make a financial offering?

There is no expectation that you will make a gift, but gifts are always welcome. We believe we are all called and created to be generous. The church receives and encourages giving as a way to encourage spiritual health. We often call the offering "stewardship" and seek to provide education and opportunities to give not only of material wealth but also of time, energy, passion, and presence. The gifts we receive go to support the Kirk and its missions and ministries.

When is communion held and can I participate?

Communion is ordinarily served on the first Sunday of the month. We welcome all to join us at God’s table and share this sacred meal with us (children too, if parents so choose). If you choose to not receive communion, that is fine too.

In the service we receive communion by intinction, which means we go to the front of the worship area where each person is given a piece of communion bread which you dip in grape juice, and then consume it on the way to your seat. We are also happy to bring the elements to you if you prefer to remain at your seat.

What do I wear?

We hope you will feel comfortable here, no matter what you wear. Some people wear suits or dresses; others come in casual slacks, jeans, or shorts. Whatever you wear, we will welcome you.