Join us Sundays at 9 a.m. as we DIG deeper into our faith, theology, and community.

Adult DIG – Community Room

Our adult DIG class is reading Rob Bell’s new book: What is the Bible? Each discussion takes a piece of scripture and dives into the context or culture and traditions in which the text was written to provide us with new insights into the meanings of the text far beyond what we might understand at first reading. Titles of discussion for October include:

October 1: Who Paid Jesus’ Bills?

October 8: Anakephalaiossathai (examination of a greek word found in Ephesians that might make you question what brings God pleasure)

October 15: The Importance of Altitude – birds eye view of scripture

October 22: Smoking Firepots
October 29: And the Fat Closed in Over the Sword (with Game of Thrones references)
Children's DIG - Lower Level 

 Ellen Campos will be teaching the younger children, David Gebel will be teaching 4th grade to youth, and Jackie will be leading Love and Logic for parents of young children. Everyone is welcome to join us!