Blessing of the Backpacks

As our children, youth, teachers and support staff prepare to return to school we bless their backpacks in a variety of ways that they may know God’s presence and call in the adventure of learning.

This year our backpack blessing included gifts and prayers to serve as reminders throughout the year.

A rubberband : Dear God help me be flexible

A bandaid: God may I be a part of the healing of others and of the world

Chalk: May I remember that learning is fun and sometimes messy!

Playdo: God help me to be creative and always see more than what is in front of me

Erasers: Thank you God for the mistakes I will make

Magnifying Glass: Help me O God to be curious about the world around me

Pencil Sharpener: God help me to be the best version of myself

Backpack – O God our backpacks hold all of these supplies and prayers, so you hold us. Go with us. Give us comfort enough to be courageous in our learning and our loving. Amen.