Green Justice
"We cannot take up and sustain this enormous task of global mobilization without a deep understanding of how our faith calls us to this challenge. It is not enough to change light bulbs, we must change our very hearts. [We are called] to look again at our sacred texts and scriptures, and see the truths that have been there all along; that our earth is our home, our responsibility,
a sacred place.”
- Rev. Canon Sally Bingham, Love God Heal Earth.

 In March 2015 the Kirk was awarded the designation by the United Church of Christ as a Green Justice Church. This means that we have demonstrated our commitment to care for the earth by greening our building, educating our congregation and continuing our commitment to the stewardship of God's creation. Our call includes honoring the ways in which all living things are connected, from the marginalized in our human family who are most affected by climate change to the animal species whose very existence
is in peril. 
 Join us on Earth Day, April 22 for our Global Climate Summit. For more information, please click here.
The Kirk's achievements in eco-justice include:
Solar Panels
Installation of high-efficiency boiler (Fall 2017) 
High Efficiency Windows
Focusing on Creation Care in Worship
Recycling & Composting
Use of up-cycled materials
Installation of Sustainable flooring
Fairly traded worship materials such as palms for Palm Sunday
Annual Animal Blessing (October)

Green Justice Goals:
Increase use of Fair Trade Goods
Community Garden
Annual Focus on Earth Stewardship in the fall